FACS disability accommodation transfer

On 30 March 2017, Northcott was announced as successfully selected by FACS (the NSW Department of Family and Community Services) to run the Specialist Disability Accommodation and Respite Services in the following regions: South Western Sydney, Western Sydney and the Murrumbidgee.

Northcott recognises that the transfer of these services to Northcott will be a major change for both the residents and employees at these establishments, as well for the organisation as a whole. As part of this transfer, Northcott has partnered with Hume Community Housing (Hume).

Northcott CEO, Kerry Stubbs said “We have been preparing for this transfer for a considerable length of time and continue to prepare to ensure the transfer of residents and staff to Northcott is smooth and positive. We are fully committed to the continuation of high quality care for all of our residents.  As one of the largest disability organisations in the country and with almost 90 years experience in the disability service industry, we believe we are well placed to successfully manage such a change.”

Kerry added, “We see this as a wonderful opportunity to be able to extend our positive impact to people with disability and their families throughout the community and further our purpose to build an inclusive society where people can live the life they choose.”

Northcott recognises and acknowledges that the staff transferring from ADHC (Ageing, Disability and Home Care, FACS) are highly skilled and knowledgeable, with extensive experience. We see this transfer as an opportunity to leverage the skill, experience and knowledge of both the transferring staff and Northcott’s current staff to further build the organisation’s capability and excellence in service delivery.

A dedicated Northcott and FACS team are working hard towards the transfer date in November 2017. Below shows a simple timeline of different activities happening before the November transfer.


Northcott and Hume visiting all services
In order to make the transfer as smooth as possible, a small team from Northcott and Hume visited each house and service that will transfer to Northcott’s management in November. These visits commenced in June continued through to early August. The visits allowed us to briefly meet FACS staff working in each house, say ‘hi’ to customers living in the house and will give us a thorough understanding of the service and operational needs of each house so we are prepared for the transfer.

Customer and Family ‘Meet and greet’ sessions
During September and October, Northcott are staging ‘Meet and greet’ sessions for current FACS customers and families who will transfer to Northcott. The purpose of these sessions is to:

  • Meet with Northcott’s CEO, Kerry Stubbs and a representative from Hume
  • Meet with senior staff from FACS who will transfer to Northcott and continue to manage the service after the transfer
  • Understand who Northcott is, what we do and our commitment to people with disability
  • Allow customers or family members to ask questions or raise any concerns about the transfer, Northcott or Hume

‘Meet and greet’ sessions will be held in numerous locations, on different dates and at different times. You can choose which one is most suitable for you to attend. All FACS customers and families have been sent details of these sessions but if you have questions about them you can contact:

FACS Service Delivery Transfer Service Team on:
Phone: 1800 379 284
Email: ServiceDeliveryTransfer@facs.nsw.gov.au

Frequently Asked Questions
We have compiled a list of FAQs as follows:

Why did Northcott apply for new accommodation/respite services?
Northcott is committed to working with and empowering people with disability. This transfer will allow us to empower many more people with disability throughout NSW.

Is Northcott experienced?
As one of Australia’s largest not-for-profit disability services providers, Northcott has almost 90 years experience in providing empowering services to people with disability.

Will the service delivery to customers who live in or use these services change?
No. Northcott is committed to continuity of care for all our customers. Northcott will ensure customers are still working towards the same goals and still doing the things that are important to them. The team at Northcott and FACS are working hard to ensure the transfer is as smooth as possible.

Will any customers need to move out of their homes?
No. No one will need to move from their home. They will simply be a Northcott customer instead of a FACS customer.

Will staff that support customers in the home change?
No. The current staff will continue to provide supports. They will simply be employed by Northcott instead of FACS.

Who will customers pay the rent to?
Whilst Northcott is responsible for providing care and support to customers in the homes, we are partnering with Hume, who will be responsible for the management of the site and facilities. Rent will be paid to Hume, and they will be able to support you through this transfer process.

When will the transfer occur?
The transfer will occur in November 2017.

Will customers and families have an opportunity to meet with Northcott and Hume?
Yes. Northcott is arranging ‘Meet and greet’ sessions in September and October at numerous locations throughout the state so you can meet with Northcott, FACS and Hume staff to ask questions about the transfer.

Can customers move from the home if they want to?
Northcott values customer choice and control and will support customers to explore available accommodation opportunities. We will be working with each resident to understand what their needs and preferences are for their ongoing supported accommodation arrangements.

If customers are receiving supports from other organisations, will that need to change?
No, there is no need for change. Northcott will work with the people/organisations that support each individual customer. Northcott is committed to the continuity of care for all customers and will ensure the transfer to Northcott managing the home will be as seamless as possible.

Who can you talk to now about this transfer?
If you have any questions about this transfer you can contact the FACS Service Delivery Transfer Service Team on:
Phone: 1800 379 284
Email: ServiceDeliveryTransfer@facs.nsw.gov.au